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​On a standard VR system, you can play all the usual virtual reality games. We offer a wide variety of genres, starting from shooting, archery, skiing, horror, strategy and even escape room games.


Car racing games can also be played in virtual reality. A specially equipped racing simulator will provide a level of immersive feelings that a normal screen cannot provide.


The most fun part of VR gaming is the multiplayer games. Challenge your friend, colleague, wife or child to a virtual, or join forces and complete one of the escape room experience.


​The most active and technologically advanced VR experience. In the VR headsets, a virtual 3D arena is created. There players can compete against each other in a lazertag type game. The game is only available in the Jelgava VR Arcade!



Step into a whole new world and enter the specially designed VR arcade where reality merges seamlessly with fantasy. Experience exciting adventures, thrilling simulations and exciting multiplayer battles – all in the virtual world. Whether you're exploring distant galaxies, surviving a zombie apocalypse, or battling in epic fantasy realms, the possibilities are endless.



Is virtual reality suitable for everyone?

Virtual reality games can be played by anyone from the age of 7. In our practice, we have proven that VR games bring joy and fun to young people, adults and even seniors! To go on an exciting VR adventure, choose the correct game type, that seems the most interesting for you.

VR Games

We offer a wide range of different type of virtual reality games. Try the best single-player games or come with your friends and enjoy some of the multiplayer games that can be played from 2 to 6 players!

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