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One of the newest and most unique virtual reality activities. On the playing field, which is created inside the VR glasses, players have to compete against each other in a laser tag-style shooting game. The most exciting part of the game is that players are not restricted by wires and can move freely in the virtual arena.

A specially created system, equipped with an aircraft control system and a motion simulation chair. We offer the opportunity to fly out with fighter jets, commercial airplanes, helicopters and even spaceships. The simulation can be projected onto a standard screen or virtual reality glasses.


Hosting a tournament ensures an atmosphere of excitement among all guests and fits into virtually any event. We offer a wide variety of tournament games, from standard sports games (hockey and car racing) to live games where several players play against each other at the same time. We also offer individual medals and prizes.

​"Even Dalí would be surprised," – this was feedback given by one of our creative workshop's visitor. A great activity for those who want to add an educational and artistic touch to their event, give guests the opportunity to learn something new, and also give them the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

​"Nostalgia" is a word that best describes this entertainment. Arcades specially created in Latvia will allow event visitors to go back in time and play some of the best console games of the 90s.

​Every good event needs active entertainment, so virtual reality games are one of the best choices. They engage not only the mind but also the whole body. We offer a wide variety of games that are suitable for both adults and children. By renting multiple systems, players are also given the opportunity to compete against each other.

The guests of the event will have the opportunity to get into the skin of a real motor sportsman! We offer the world's most famous car racing tracks, including the domestic Biķernieki track. Car racing in virtual reality is a unique and relatively new experience that will surely surprise most event guests. This entertainment is perfect for organizing different tournaments, with idividual rides or online competition against each other.

Dancing is an integral part of any party. Just Dance is an Xbox game where the Kinect sensor reads all of the player's movements. Players are tasked with replicating the on-screen  dance moves as accurately as possible. The player with the most points at the end of the song wins.

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