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Our main goal is to use the NFT market to acquire capital for creating multiple virtual reality gaming or sim racing arcades globally and turn the brand into a franchise. At stage one, 1000 cyberpunk/sci-fi art style NFTs will be launched for minting and trading on the platform. 

Unique NFT crowdfunding project

85% funds invested in opening NEW VR Arcade or SIM racing club!

With the funds gained from the stage one mint, we expect to open our first arcade that will follow our brand guidlines and our imagined concept, or SIM racing club that will be decided after project will succeed. We also expect to invest part of it into other projects related to the VR Gaming brand. 

We have what it takes!

​Our first VR Gaming arcade was created back in 2017. Our 2nd location was created in 2023 Q4 by using our personal and new investors funds. We have all the required business knowledge, insight in VR technology, SIM Racing and the entertainment industry to create a successful Brand and turn it into Franchise. 

Art Style and custom VR headsets

Unique style, custom 3D VR headsets designed specifically for the Genesis collection. With the help of an AI image blending technology, these designs were taken to another level with an absolutly magnificant outcome.


One of the first VR location based entertainment business in the Latvia founded in 2017. VR Gaming is the leading VR entertainment business in the country, with four separate rooms and total space of 180m2. We provide B2C and B2B services at the location and also for the off-site events. Multiple high rank companies have already chosen our VR Gaming for their staff team building events. 

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Genesis collection will have a supply of 1000 individually created tokens. We started to create Artwork for them already in 2021. Because of the introduction of an AI, we took a bit different approach. 60 of our tokens were completly our 3D design made from the scratch. Then we used the AI image blending technology to create all aditional tokens. We were completly blown away with the final collection and we hope so will our investors.

VR Arcade Franchise: CONCEPT

The following 3D VR Gaming arcade modul was created based on the experience gained from the actual VR Gaming arcade that has been in business since 2017.  Arcade will consist of six different zones; Reception and bar, chill out zone, multi station VR zone, SIM racing zone, Free roam VR arena, two private VIP rooms. 

Business that accepts cryptocurrency payments?

Cryptocurrency is the future and key element for the NFT space, therefore we plan to integrate a payment system in our virtual reality arcades that will allow clients to pay for our services in cryptocurrency.  This will only apply for the countries where its not against the local regulations. 


Collection will consist only of 1000 NFTs. Minting will take place on the official webpage. We will move on to the next step after all 1000 NFTs are sold out.



All the funds gained from the genesis mint will be converted into the EUR currency and transffered to the "LTD JV Industry" company to legalize them and to know what exactly will our final budget be. 



Creation of the first VR Gaming arcade financed by the NFTs project. Turning VR Gaming business into a franchise. Providing the utility and repay options to the NFT holders. VR Gaming brand expansion to the global market.



Investing in Cryptocurrency is an high risk high reward market. Investing in NFTs is even higher risk based on the fact that value of it is not only affected by the cryptocurrency value, but also on the project management and results. Most of the current NFT projects do not make any profits and have no long long term prospects. Do your research before investing.

Investment : 0.09 eth
Return: VR Gaming NFT  (Value created by the investors)

Risk: Value of the VR Gaming token drops below mint price 0.09 eth



We plan to create a repayment plan for our investors. That means, if you will invest, we will pay you back some of that investment. For this plan to take action, few terms need to be met.

1. Term
Project has to succeed and make profits


2. Term
VR Gaming nfts value drops below 0.09 eth

3. Term
You have not listed your NFT below 0.09 eth.

If these 3 terms will happen, we will buy back your NFT for value of initial investment in the following way.


1. Value of EUR gained from the 0.09 investment at the conversion moment

2. Converting this value back to ETH at the moment of repaiment

3. Minuss all the conversion fees


In this scenario,
if ETH > EUR then it was at the first conversion, you will get less then 0.09 eth.
If ETH < EUR then it was at the first conversion, you will get more then 0.09 eth.




In case, if the first three steps of the project will sucseed and business will be profitable, then the project will be moved to the stage 4 [Repeate]. That means we will do another minting process to secure new funding for opening a new location in a different country. 


​Hi, my name is Janis and I'm the Founder of the VR Gaming NFT project. Back in 2017, after my studies in marketing and business management, I created one of the first VR Gaming Arcades in Latvia, which currently is the leading VR entertainment business in the country. I have managed a way how to combine my gaming passion with work, by creating a sustainable business that uses game entertainment as the main service.

For business propositions send email to [ ]

Project founder

Janis Vinovskis

Highest education degree in business and marketing management with 10+ years work experience in the business industry.

Community manager

Einars Koops

Professional degree in IT, +5 year years of experience working as developer and sysadmin. Hobbyist in crypto field.

Designer / Artist

Anete Vinovska

Bachelor degree in interior design & masters degree in enviromental art/design. 10+ years experience working with graphic design, advertising & 3D modeling.

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